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All Good was particularly good this year.

"Somewhere between the thumping bass of Les Claypool and the untamed, silly genius that was Frank Zappa, you’ll find That 1 Guy." Read full live review here!

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Comment by Lord Kromdor on October 22, 2011 at 3:24am
I couldnt have said it better. Such a nice guy too!


New Album Released Today! Poseidon’s Deep Water Adventure Friends

Hello my Friends, Big news… The New Album is finished and it’s finally available! Poseidon’s Deep Water Adventure Friends, a lush, beautiful, and sonically dense deep water journey of discovery. This Album is part one of the four part magicland series that will follow (more on that later). Produced by that1guy and Billy Hume and […]

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May 2013

I just finished the 2013 spring tour last week…  87 shows (almost in a row)..  Been sleeping for about 10 days…  What an awesome adventure It was…  I have returned to Las Vegas with a headful of new ideas and a big list of magical stuff to work on…  It took me a full day […]

Hello Friends!

Hello Friends, Been a while!  I’ve missed y’all lots!  I”m going to do something that I have not done in quite a while.  My very own tour.  Yes, that’s right!  Here comes 2013!  it’s a whole new year and a whole new that1guy.  There have been advancements made in my magical musical world and I […]

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