That 1 Guy

Mike is hitting many, many, many cities and towns on the PACKS A WALLOP! tour. 

What are we missing...where else should he play?


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEASE!!!! please come to ohio SOMEWHERE! preferably Zanesville, Oh or anywhere close but anywhere in Ohio will be good
Cedar Falls, Iowa! I could guarantee 200. Ohio would be nice, too, since I'm moving there. Then I could go from seeing you 4 times in the next 2 months to 6 times. That's wicked good. (insert enthusiastic howl here!)
We would love to see him in Northern Michigan!
Bend, OR

i know you are going to be at summercamp AGAIN this year. had such a blast last year. but i have to request. ANYWHERE in Peoria IL. if you play a bar i will gladly buy you a beer....the Pizza Works has live music and they are right down the road ;)
Love to have you in St Louis
I have a friend in Victoria (Vancouver island) B.C. who NEEDS to see That 1 Guy. Has he ever played there? Beautiful place to visit (or so I'm told).

» Phy³ . . .
Columbus or Dayton Ohio
Please make sure the west is included in the Aussie tour again?

We often get forgot about :(

Check out for a great venue option!

we need some all ages shows in san diego!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im 19...they wont let me in...big bummer=`[
Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. I know people would love a concert like this to come here, if not here then Pittsburgh would also draw a big crowd
I really want you to come on out here to Colorado, I missed the last time you were here and all my friends won't shut up about it. We are planning to go as a group of about ten of us next time you're here.

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