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Anybody know where I can get a new or like new copy of this DVD ?

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There used to be an on-line store for this, not sure where that went, the link is broken. I've looked on ebay for you, but nothing.  T1G brings some to his shows, maybe you can e mail him or facebook him, he's a super cool guy about getting back to his fans.   Good Luck, it's an excellent DVD

Tracie,Ive been watching Ebay also. My wife and I talked with him after his show when we saw him here in Asheville NC. They didnt have the DVD for sale at the show,and it didnt occur to me to ask him about it. I didnt think about asking him about it on FB. Thats a good idea.  Thanks

It's now an I looked everywhere for the DVD the first time I saw this post and couldn't find it, then finally searched again on random and there they were. Says there's available. So get on it if you haven't already! It's waiting for me 2 hours away in my hometown at the moment. Can't wait to make the trip to get it and watch.

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